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*** WEEK 2 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/13 - 9/17 ***

Originally posted by KowboyKiller:

Anybody still wish we had Manning??

lol never wanted the guy.... but seriously I right now I would take Alex every time over Peyton
Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
Peyton Manning is not a check down master apparently

So Alex doesn't throw an INT in 216 attempts... and Peyton has 3 INTs in 8 attempts.
Julio Jones looks really fast
Ok I need Julio Jones and Gonzalez to carry my fantasy team
so that's what 96 mill buys you huh? yeah....
Caleb Hanie time
Matt Ryan NEARLY throws a pick of his own... arrghhh so close!
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Awful Announcing ‏@awfulannouncing

3 INTs is one thing, but if Peyton Manning pouts or looks cross at an offensive lineman THEN WE HAVE ISSUES.
That's not a pi
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Jack Del Rio: "That's really f--ked up" Thanks ESPN!
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Looked like dude was interfering before the tip tho.
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Reversed the call lol.
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Lol Peyton
Peyton = 96 Million
Alex Smith, Carlos Rogers, Ahmad Brooks, Mario Manningham, Brandon Jacobs, Randy Moss, Perrish Cox = 110 million
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