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What happened to the NFC playoff teams?

  • BobS
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Robert Griffin is the real deal and probably will have one of the best rookie seasons in recent history, I don't think the Saints were prepared for him.
The Giants are notorious slow starters under Coughlan. The Packers's were just beaten by the better team,ha,ha. As for everything else who knows.
  • Blitz
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The Seacocks beat them all.
Good god, that was the first week...just wait and see.

Ok, one bold prediction: Packers will BARELY reach the playoffs. Their D is still bad, their o-line sucks and their running game doesn't work. Ok, our defense is one of the best in business but the Packers will face several good teams and I see them losing a lot of games. Rodgers can do a lot of things but he is not God.
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tell that to green bay fans, f**kin irrational cheese headed b*****ds
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