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NFL looking to bench "bad" refs

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Originally posted by TheGoldDiggerrrr:
This always makes me think of a man cumming when they say Cream Rises to the Top. No s**t, keep stroking b***h!

Short-term result = much less Ed Hochuli

Long-term result = much less Ed Hochuli

IWAS approves
Originally posted by Overkill:
Originally posted by dcsham:
Lol, the regular NFL officials are probably the worst of any of the major sports. You did watch the Green Bay/Giants game last year with Bill McCauley, right? Or maybe you didn't.

The fact is, the regular officials do not want any accountability because they know that they will have to donate more time to their officiating skills instead of the cushy jobs that most of them have for 8 months out of the year. These replacement officials have all been officiating football for years...they will be just as good as the "regular" officials very quickly.

LOL, okay - you want to play those games, huh? I can do that, too - Have you watched any preseason games at all?

These guys are no where close to the regular refs. The players have said as much. The coaches would if they could. Their "experience" is in NAIA and Arena League 2 games. There's a reason they weren't even working D1 college ball before now.

Pay these guys close to what they're asking and watch them accept accountability. The fact is that issue wasn't even raised until well into the lock out.

When I heard one ref was in the NAIA for 30 years I lol'd, like really? not even D1 or D2 and he is an "NFL Ref" now.

And wanting the reals refs to pay for 21 new guys is wrong, NFL should stop being money hungry and greedy b*****ds.
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