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*** WEEK 1 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/5 - 9/10 ***

Ok, thats game. Saints will be a joke this year.
Over for the Saints!
Writing from DC, the eruption of yells and cheers up and down my street on that pick was pretty cool. I have no use for the Skins, but that was kinda neat.
LOL I hate the damn saints
RG3 chant. Lol
OK...switched to the 9ers to get serious!
about damn time.
I grew up in DC. RGIII is a savior to those diehards in Washington.
LOL Brees! great throw, hahaha...

Niners time!!!!
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weak sauce penalty

f**k THESE REFS man wtf!!
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Wilson is not looking good so far... I would say he is the worst rookie QB this week but Weeden was awful
Refs just gave 4th timeout to Seahawks
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