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*** WEEK 1 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/5 - 9/10 ***

suck it, Rams, lol!
same ole sorry ass rams
First modified OT use in Minn
Sorry ass rams
Originally posted by oldman9er:
lions... non-divisional

yeah and it looks like lions won it but if you think in terms of wildcard (which we aren't shooting for) or even playoff seeding we would root against lions, bears, giants, eagles, etc
Originally posted by Esco:
First modified OT use in Minn

Mcnabb wants a tie
Brees so lucky that horrid pass wasn't INT'd
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They need to end this fcking saints game already
LOL madeau is still doodoo
f**k this game is never gonna end

Originally posted by NickV:
They need to end this fcking saints game already


Not supposed to play the SF game on my local FOX channel... but if they do? I'll be f**ked out of the Niners start.
silly bradford
Funny the announcers are so excited Brees threw a TD! A bit late to be so excited I would think. I guess they could come back with six minutes and eight points needed. Would help my Pickem...but I'd be willing to suffer the loss...LOL!
why is the niner game not on yet?
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