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*** WEEK 1 NFL GAMEDAY THREAD 9/5 - 9/10 ***

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Originally posted by solidg2000:
Am I the only one hating that they put a music track to the national anthem

It was awful, I couldn't even tell it was the national anthem...

obama's national anthem
Originally posted by Wodwo:
The flag and the fireworks were cool at least.

Those choppers were pretty cool too.
bench him for Kap
horrible 3rd down throw to an open man.. lolz! iz teh suxxorz!
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I still can't get over that horrible national anthem
All I know is Tynes needs FG's for my fantasy.
Romo eat turf, beyotch!
2 straight 3 and outs
f**k Rocky Bernard.
What's Arena League 2?
Originally posted by Esco:
What's Arena League 2?

TO's last resort.....oh wait...
After looking at the first few plays I have decided that we beat each team by a minimum 35 points.
Originally posted by Esco:
What's Arena League 2?

plays on ESPN "the Ocho"
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f**k Rocky Bernard.

after long thought ACDC should be the music act for every NFL event
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