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Robert Kraft says Tom Brady better than Joe Montana.

This is from SI. You can say that Brady lost two Super Bowls and needed a phantom call to beat the Raiders and the kicker won the Super Bowls. I'll just say as of this day Joe is the best QB I have ever seen. My first game was in 1953.
f**k tom brady. this is not even a discussion. joe cool never lost a superbowl let alone two and brady has never cemented a super bowl win like joe did in 89. three sb wins by a total of 9 points. not one of bradys super bowl wins has come on his play but his kickers leg. wen the game did come down to brady having a chance to win it he didnt deliver. case closed.
I think the pats would have 5 super bowls with joe. I think we would have 2 less with brady. Joe montana was a once in a century type player. Bradys not!
ok....better for a new era where defenders have to worry about how they hit the quarter back.....more rules helping offense out......ok put brady back in the old days where he'll get hit hard and his cries wont be heard :)
Everything said above. when u lose 2 super bowls of 5, then u have no hope of besting the unblemished super bowl qb joe montana. Not to mention the veil of spy gate looming over every win, most specifically the victory over the eagles where bellichick seemed to know every instance the eagles were going to run the unstoppable sweeps to brian westbrook. A skeptical onlooker such as myself was singing the praises of Bill's genius until I found out thereafter that the Patriots were cheating. Obviously Brady was good but not Joe. Bellicheck is not Walsh and Brady is not Joe. What is next? Gronk is better than Rice?
Kraft is just beign a homer, dude needs to get laid.
Different era. Brady would have gotten killed if he played against Defenses from the mid 80's to 90's. Players were allowed to hit Qb's real, real, real hard back then. Tall lanky and immobile Qb's like Brady took brutal beatings from defensive players on a regular. So no Kraft, think again.
I agree
lol why even bring this up when you know people are going to see right through this and still have Montana well above Brady. Montana never let his team down in the big game, and everyone went home with a ring on Montana teams.

And then they b***h about 'oh but Montana had Rice, and this person and that person and the 49ers had Lott and so and so. And Brady just had himself with no top receiver' mofo it isnt Montanas fault Walsh knew how to draft players and bring in players that would help out Montana, and then Walsh knew how to keep them around instead of replacing them with someone else.

And unlike Brady who plays in a system thats evolved over years and years . . . . Montana was the first to make WCO work. The guy was learning a new passing system that had little to no tape on it that Montana could sit in the film room and watch and take notes. Montana was the first! And Walsh was still installing it throughout the dynasty years.

Please . . . . when Bellicheat can come up with a whole new offensive system thats a revolution and can win 4SBs off it then Kraft can open his mouth.

Never lost a SB, never intercepted in a SB. That is the gold standard.
Whats he supposed to say. It's homer. Who cares.

Kraft is full of his own cheese
KezarLivin say Eddie Debartolo is better than Robert Kraft... who cares what that clueless old geezer thinks!
Montana never lost a Super Bowl.

Brady's his boy . . . whatever
Kraft and Brady are Eli's b***hes.
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