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** Week 2 NFL Preseason Games Thread 8/16 - 8/20 **

so this week we will put schaub to IR and next week we will do the same with Manning
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Marvin jones and michael calvin reunion
Be interesting to see GB. They should absolutely annihilate the Browns, so anything less would be news-worthy. Last week, their O-line was very suspect. And with the loss of LB Bishop, their run defense may be lacking.... things to watch
Bengals @ Falcons starting on Fox.
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link to packers vs browns
Packers game on the laptop... Bengals game on the TV. Life is good.
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
Bengals @ Falcons starting on Fox.

the Packers game is a more relevant watch for obvious reasons...see if more weakness are exposed and can be exploited for wk 1....
browns gonna brown
clements, lawson, mays.....

LOL at Rodgers missing a wide open TD!
if alex missed that throw....
... and then Nelson goes up and makes a special leaping TD over Joe Haden. ... oh, to have good playmaking WRs... Let's hope we have that now.
where did they dig this Bengals referee up from?
my link for packers keep breaking down going to watch cinci and falcons game instead
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