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Chad "OchoCinco" Johnson Arrested

Originally posted by Rubberneck36:
He will get cut

This for sure
It says she found the receipt meaning he was cheating.
i dont get it, i thought he had his won condom brand why he would use something else
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Jay Glazer ‏@JayGlazer

The Miami Dolphins have just released Chad Johnson, scouts cleaned out his locker
Maybe he shouldve hit the playbook as aggressively as he did his wife

How many days will it take till Seattle picks him up
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They just cut his ass. Good for them.
49ers need to sign him now
How long until he's a Seachunk?

Good going dolphins

he will probably headbutt his wife again now
The hilarious part is the nfl is heavily pushing an anti-domestic violence campaign right now. What a dumbass. Bet he has no prenup too, she's gonna make chad wish he was Shaj after all this
Damn what a slack by this dude.
T.O. feels sad
incoming NFC West team to sign
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