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Cardinals vs. Saints - Tonight 5pm Pst/ 8pm Est (Aug 5th)

Originally posted by qnnhan7:
He should have blown up the play by throwing the ball at the receiver's feet. Take a hit on his accuracy by the fans like a soldier. Or lobbed the ball to his RB -- be Captain check down. Oh wait... that's Al-suckage Smiff.

I kid, but that would be 2 good safe decisions for Kolb. He couldn't look any where else but left because he had already committed to that side, with a defender bearing down on him just as he threw the ball.

Ohhhh the grass is greener
Originally posted by Rocket4989:
Originally posted by pwillis52beasty:
Remember when people were saying we should trade for Kolb and he's a better option than alex smith? dumb asses

im not going to lie, i did wanted kolb but that was before harbaugh made smith who he is now. so if it wasnt for harbaugh,smith would still be trash today.
Yer gonna git in trouble for that comment no doubt! Heeee.....
Pete Prisco... wow.

Just, wow.
Kevin LOLb

I live about an hour from Stephenville, TX...(where Kolb is from)

What a f**kin joke! I just pissed off a bunch if Kolb lovers in Central Texas

f**k them!
.......49ers For life!!!
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Originally posted by eamjr10:
.......49ers For life!!!

Not defending Kolb here but Alex made a similar throw vs the Raiders last preseason.
Originally posted by Joecool:
Not defending Kolb here but Alex made a similar throw vs the Raiders last preseason.

But the difference was a defensive end on the Raiders picked that play on Alex. It's kinda rare that a d-end drops into coverage like he did on Alex's pick.

This was Malcom Jenkins, a CB, playing zone. And it was even obvious he had coverage when Kolb threw the pass.
Skelton is the better qb. So I hope they start Kolb just to try to justify the trade.
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Originally posted by qnnhan7:
Originally posted by Gore_21:
Kolb might be funny now but 1/2 to 3/4s of our fan base wanted him.

Only the guys that hate Smith enough willing to overrate and overpaid for him.

Which to me seems like about 1/2 to 3/4 of our fan base.

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