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Kellen Winslow traded to Seattle

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Jay Glazer ‏@JayGlazer
Bucs are sending Kellen Winslow to Seattle for conditional late round draft pick. Sides still ironing out language
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Damn, sea chickens going all out
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good pickup for whomever their QB is going to be. Still won't win the West
Wow nice trade for the Seahawks. Flynn should be the starting QB and has Baldwin, Lynch, ZMiller, and Winslow. We won't give him time to pass the ball though...

Wow. Didn't expect this.
hmm ok.
Good move by the Seahawks.
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He is a f**kin soldier
Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery
A solid pick-up. Great blood-lines.

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Originally posted by JerryRice1848:
He is a f**kin soldier


You beat me to it! lol Was gonna post the same exact thing.
Meh. He plays old for a guy who's 28. Doesn't gain a lot of seperation anymore, but a decent route runner. Not scared of him or the Seahawks at all.
they scared
One more guy for the 49ers to clock. I can't stand that guy.
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