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Seahawks For Sale?

lol, the seahawks aren't moving anywhere. They have a rabid fanbase (only NFL team in the Pacific Northwest and the team of Vancouver) and a fairly new stadium.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
I would buy them and run it into the ground.

step one. hire terry donnahue.
The Seahawks aren't leaving Seattle regardless of who owns them. They have really nice stadium that is always packed and brand new, state of the art, practice facility on Lake Washington..

There are plenty of potential local buyers with really deep pockets that could buy up Vulcan Sports Ventures. Not sure why anyone would want the Blazers though.
Originally posted by bors:
move them to la

Please don't...

Just moved up here from SF and ppl here are still dramatized about the SuperSonics leaving. If the Seachickens left I think the city would just cease to exist (though they fill up CenturyLink for MLS, so the stadium would still be in use) since most ppl would drink themselves to death.

Besides, the Rams need to move back to LA, tradition dammit!
China calling.
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let's gather all the money we have and make an offer...maybe we come up with $10k and then we'll run that team into the ground. We can make Pete Carroll the QB and blitz him all day long until we put him in ER!

juuuuusst kidding folks, jussst kidding

me love you long time?
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Ill give you $5 for them.
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