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Lions fans think their team will go 15-1

There was a time, not too long ago, when Detroit Lions fans were a pessimistic bunch — and the team often performed even worse than their fans' low expectations. But the new regime in Detroit has changed the attitude of the fans significantly.

In fact, a survey asking Lions fans to predict the result of each game on the schedule yielded an extremely optimistic result: Lions fans think their team will go 15-1.

For three different home games — Week One against the Rams, Week Four against the Vikings and Week 13 against the Colts — more than 99 percent of the fans who responded to the online survey are picking the Lions to win. Week Six at Philadelphia is the win the Lions' fans are shakiest on; only 52 percent of their fans picked the Lions to win that one.

The one game most fans think the Lions will lose is Week 14 at Green Bay, when 73 percent of Lions fans are picking the Packers to win. The Lions have lost 20 in a row at Green Bay, and even those optimistic Lions fans have their limits.

Last year, some fans thought the 9ers would win 13 games. Others thought they would win 2.
not with that defense, lol
The lion roars . . . lol.
Originally posted by susweel:
not with that defense, lol

They are just pumped because they got more primetime games next season than the previous 11.
Personally I think they go 16-2.

Guess who the two losses are against?
Stafford will be hurt be week 2
Eh, the Lions have been dreadful for so long, let those a*****es have some dumbass homeristic optimism before it all comes crashing down in a ball of flames.

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like most of us, i'm just looking forward to the postgame handshake between - i can't wait!!!
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they wont be better than 9-7
No way in hell. Sorry.
if they do

we know who that one will be against

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