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A Football Life - Bill Belichick

I believe that is the title of the documentary shown on the NFL Network.....

Saw the two parts documentary today.....unbelievable. If you are a fan of football you will really appreciate this show for all the behind the scenes of what a coaching staff goes through day to day, on game day, aftermath, etc. Followed him through the '09 season where you got to see some great games....4th and 2 vs. Colts, getting blown out by Saints, and then one & done against Ravens.

I've always had a respect for BB, and I think the better you get to know him the more likeable he is. He is such a darn perfectionist, constantly criticizing his team but as "we", not "you guys".

He shows a lot of respect for other franchises, takes many of them seriously. In game rooms, he is very objective of his team's strengths and weaknesses. I could eat up hours of that stuff, and this isn't even my team. If it was the 49ers, it would be crazy!!

Got to see quite a bit of Randy Moss, and he dominated in '09. Lot of praise from Bill on his knowledge of the game......most knowledgeable receiver he ever worked with.

A great moment before going to commercial is Brady sitting at a desk in Bill's office when they say the Colts game is coming up, and Brady smiles and says "My favorite team".....and then Bill responds with a smile "you and me both".

Another funny moment is some Ravens player talking trash to him by the sidelines during a game and BB responding "Just shut the *** you see the score??". He wasn't that pissed, just more annoyed, lol.

I know it was fashionable to hate on the Patriots the last several years, but a lot of that went away a year or two ago for me. After all I believe 99% of us rooted for them to take down the Rams in '01 and they did.

Gonna be a good one when we visit Gillette this year. Probably the first meaningful game BB will coach against the 49ers since the '90 NFC Champ game.....and throw in Randy coming back to New England, should be great.
I think this came out during the season
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it was shot in '09 I believe. I caught some of it too.. Pretty interesting to see how much Bradey n BB work together breaking down film and game planning...
Very well done show. The one on Al Davis was also excellent.

I hope they do one on Bill Walsh.
anyone catch the one on barry sanders last night? he might be my favorite (non-49er) player of all time.. humble cat
The one on Ed DeBartolo was VERY good.
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