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**General NFL Discussion Thread**

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Originally posted by cciowa:
Originally posted by Donnies49ers:
Originally posted by LVJay:
Maybe arena league... he might have a better shot at doing porn.

Even Andre Rison went to CFL! Porn pays more for sure! He has a lot of baby momma's to pay!
he should do a movie with octomom,, whom i think is hot it is laughable that some people think he can still play the game.
she'll wear him out!

But, he can still play... with himself
Never liked diva players like him, and I can't believe I'd ever feel sorry for him, but I do. I hope he figures something out. Problem with older players is even if they do have something left they are all out of upside and usually don't make sense to play special teams, so not only do they have to be good enough to make the team they need to be head and shoulders above most of the receiving corp. Otherwise it makes more sense to fill the spot with someone almost as good with upside who can also help out on special teams. Other problem is that he was a horses ass for most of his career. When Rice hit 40 he had a list of NFL coaches he had worked with who counted themselves as friends and admirers willing to give him every opportunity to keep playing. TO has a list of coaches who wouldn't touch him if he were still in his prime. He's trying to reach out to Trestman who he worked with for 5 minutes while he was still a wall flower and therefore might be one of the few people to coach him who doesn't start to grit his teeth when his name is mentioned. Good luck TO.
true story bro, I had him on my online ultimate madden fantasy team. Dude was fast and had good awareness. Won me some clutch games. Special place in my heart.

Vonte Davis >>> Carlos Rogers

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Whats the point of this thread?
Originally posted by KID9R:
Whats the point of this thread?

What's goin'on?????
It was a thread made worthy of Stoney's smiley alone! LOLz

Originally posted by KID9R:
Whats the point of this thread?

OP found this on reddit so posted it here.
Granted we all love watching the Chickenhawks have their annual delusional meltdowns on their board. However I LOVE watching Cowboys and Giants fans have pity party girl fights. I didn't realize how much those two fanbases hated us. Do we even talk about them much around here? Nah not so much, however according to the East fans. We are going to crumble and fail like the Eagles did two years ago lol. Keep on hating!

They gave him starter money
Welcome to yesterday
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