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**General NFL Discussion Thread**

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Awww he was a good announcer
RIP this thread................ oh and big Pat Summerall too

So the schedules have finally come out so what do you like and what matchups intrigue you

LOL at the Raiders opening against the Colts. Luck could have a field day with their secondary.

Uncertainty with the Redskins which will make a difference between a marquee matchup and just another game

The Ravens..............maybe they should have talked to the Maryland Terps about borrowing their stadium.

Yes I know...ANOTHER TO thread but this article caught my eye. As much as this guy's antics drove me crazy when he was a niner, I can't help but feel a little sorry for him now. Thrity nine years old and he still hasn't accepted that his career is over.
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TO probably thinks he will live forever
If he would have caught that TD in the pre season last year he might still be playing for the Seahawks
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What's funnier he thinks he's a #2 receiver or that he thinks defenses are still scared of him.
Yeah that'll work 2 diva/schizophrenic WRs, with a diva, whining, cry baby QB. Sounds like a winning formula to me.
I'm the biggest TO hater so I'll leave it at that.
lol TO is going to keep trying to make a team until he is 45 lol
those hoes want their money.
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