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Miami - Did they just become the ugly duckling of the NFL

Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by HearstFan:
Shoot - they were spurned by:

1. Jim Harbaugh last season to be their head coach
2. Jeff Fischer this season
3. Manning rebuffed them early
4. Matt Flynn just picked SEA over them even though they have his formed position coach

And to top it off, the let the Bears steal their biggest playmaker for 2 third round picks!!

Maybe after meeting with them, people realize they are inept?

I don't think they pursued Flynn all that hard. Their lack of major interest in Flynn spoke volumes about the type of player Philbin feels he is. If his long-time former offensive coordinator was lukewarm about bringing him in, Seattle probably just got f**ked.

cleveland didnt (publically) pursue flynn either
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Ross and Ireland together make this the worst organization in the NFL.

Combined, their incompetence makes Dan Snyder appear genius.

I think they scared Alex into making nice with the 49ers.

f**k em, lol
they showed last year in their pursuit for Harbaugh when they still had a HC in place they were not a team players should go to. The players there would be thinking if thats what they can do out in the open to the HC what are they going to do to us?
Ryan Clark stated that nobody wants to go there because of their GM.
I'm sure players remember the whole asking Dez Bryant if his mother was a prostitute fiasco. The owner is a complete moron for keeping Ireland as GM.
i dont think so... just unlucky they havent had a good coach since schula
Miami'a GM is an absolute idiot, everything he does seems to destroy their team
The Owner's a Hollywood wannabe clown and their GM is a prick. It's not a shock players are avoiding them like the plague.
Originally posted by YungAce:
Ryan Clark stated that nobody wants to go there because of their GM.

I was coming in here to say that

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In my best Jim Harbaugh voice: WHO WANTS TO PLAY FOR THE DOLPHINS?!?!?!?.......NOOOOOBODY!!!!!
holy crap

If TEBOW goes to Miami........

He's already got a Statue of himself at the U. of Florida...

That would make everything come full circle and you would get an even more focused Tebow.
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