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9ers let Adam Snyder go for 5 years 17.5 million???

We have kilgire and boone. Plus draft. We r ok.
I bet they felt he was worth only 16 over 5 years. Whatever the FO valued him at, then I stand by what they believe.

Plus, the contract tells me the Cards aren't too confident they can upgrade that position for awhile. We don't give that many years for a backup.

the only reason snyder looked "good" is because we were comparing him to chilo rachal. snyder is not a starting quality RG. we need an upgrade and that's what we'll do. i'm not even sure if we offered him a contract
We drafted Chilo hoping he would replace Snyder.
Heitman and baas were the guys who really hurt us, despite Mad dog's enthusiastic defense of them. Snyder was better than both those guys, and he helped get the OL somewhat cemented. Problem was , as noted by GM, Chilo was supposed to supplant snyder and chilo was a no go. Terrific pancake blocker at USC, but was way short of what he needed to play pro ball, and that is a lesson to our draft picks who haven't played at least 3 yrs college.

Anyway, chilo failed, and snyder played well enough to help get us to NFC title game, but he frequently got steamrolled off the line, and just couldn't stop some bullrushers. Keeping a guy who may not have been big or strong enough to protect the QB up the gut is a risky proposition. One bullrush can end the QBs yr and therefore the team's yr. I think this is what got snyder gone, not money. We need someone who can block in mid portion of OLine, and snyder while playing well, did have a number of lapses, resulting in crushing Qb sacks. A team with SB written on it can't make that gamble. I assume Coach feels comfortable with kilgore and or a draft pick. The way things are going with Moss, Manningham, signings , maybe Fleener isn't the choice at pick #30. Maybe that will be an OT or OG...maybe with C experience. Whatever, this FA and draft which once looked pretty certain, now looks like Coach and GM are playing an intricate game of chess. The Peyton thing is frankly overwhelming, altho he probably will end up in Denver or Titans. If he comes here, it is for one reason...two actually. Coach Harbaugh and several SBs.

I just hope that if peyton signs in denver or titans, we don't let alex go, as he is our best shot at SB this yr and that is what manningham and moss signings tell us.
Tolzien is pretty much ready, Kap is pretty much potential. I don't think Coach H thinks either is the road to the SB this yr. That would be alex...unless peyton signs.
Coach and Baalke are on a slippery slope here....awaiting peyton's decision, and not letting alex sign elsewhere if peyton doesn't come here. Make that a steep slippery slope.
As I've said dozens of times, Snyder's biggest asset is his versatility. He was an improvement to Rachal...but that doesn't equate to being a top OG. That's a position Harbaalke need to draft, IMHO. There are several that should be within our reach in the early rounds...Zeitler, Osemele, Bergstrom and others. My personal favorite is Zeitler...whose blue-collar work and play ethic would fit right into Harbaugh's offense and mentality. Comparing what 'Zona and the Niners have done in the off-season...Cards signed Snyder and re-signed Levi Brown for 5 years. Neither is anywhere near Pro Bowl abilities. That's what we can draft, for a heckuva lot less $$.
Nice appraisal, Corva.
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