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What do you think Greg Williams's punishment should be?

What do you think Greg Williams's punishment should be?

If this was the first violation, I would say suspend Williams for a year but he's been literally doing this in a systemic fashion for a decade or more. You can't just suspend the guy and think it will make things better. If anyone deserves a lifetime ban, its Williams, and banning him is an easy/cheap way for Goodell to make his point.

Who the f**k is Gregg Williams? Who cares about this guy in a broad sense? Think anyone will miss his ass? Ban him for good, and every other coach around the league will do everything possible to disassociate themselves from anything this questionable. Banning Gregg Williams is not akin to banning Drew Brees or Tom Brady. Nobody in football will miss Gregg f'ing Williams. Suspend Payton, fine him, the Saints, suspend some players, nab some draft picks, and this problem becomes past-tense.
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Tarring and feathering
1 year ban and 500K should be enough
a fine, that's it
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
a fine, that's it

Which would send the signal that this behavior is "a-okay." What he didn't WASN'T okay, and in the real world constitutes a felony.

Also, the Saints were warned, they were investigated and the league told them to cut the s**t out. They ignored the NFL and continued on. If you want to see the NFL turn into the NBA with gambling and even more nonsense getting into the sport, then you don't have a problem with this degree of corruption, if you like football the way it is traditionally, then you put an end to it. There's no comparison between a few guys paying each other for big hits vs an entire organization supporting guys going after other team's players, trying to take them out at their joints or other vulnerable areas with the intent of "taking him out."

Even worse, you had people OUTSIDE the organization putting money into the bounty pool WHILE betting on Saints games at the same time with the full knowledge of the coaching staff.

Former Bills safety Coy Wire explained to the Buffalo News how Williams's bounty-paying (which Wire told the paper was happening in Buffalo, although Wire said he did not himself get paid for hard hits) affected the game and the sports atmosphere:

"What Williams did was wrong, and I know that now," Wire said. "My sense of normalcy was warped. I thought what I was doing was right."

Wire ended the career of Detroit Lions running back James Stewart with a clean hit in a 2003 preseason game. Wire had trouble justifying the idea of waylaying a man's livelihood against the rousing praise heaped upon him by teammates and coaches.

"Now, it's unthinkable that was my reality," Wire said. "I shattered James Stewart's shoulder, and he never played again. I was showered with praise for that. It's a shame that's how it was. Now I see how wrong that was."

Originally posted by fanmusclecars:
Tarring and feathering

String him up by the balls.

rise up, kiss the 49ers' logo, and your pain will end.................sike n***a!
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He should have to coach the Rams' defense.

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he should get a 3 year ban from coaching in the nfl

Originally posted by ads_2006:
if he isnt at least suspended for the year

i bet you will hear about the race card

Nobody brought up race until you did. Thanks!
He should be sent to Indy.
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