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Go Pats!

Originally posted by Niners99:
Real 49ers fans realize that if Brady and Belicheat win another SB, we're going to hear nonstop talk about how they're better than Montana and Walsh for a long time.

Screw Tom Brady trying to unseat the GOAT, screw Belichick and his spy-gate tactics, and screw Boston trying to get their 8th major sports title in the last 11 years.

The Giants may be hard to root for, but they could help knock the Pats dynasty off it's high horse once and for all.

Any Niner fan rooting for the Patriots on SB Sunday, you disgust me.


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Originally posted by smithc28:
I want Pats to win cos if Giants win it probably means we would've won if we got through and i don't want to think about that.

LOL. That probably is worse. And I think we would have won if we got there. The Pats are wounded and hobbled. And their defense isn't good.
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