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Go Pats!

Not sure about you guys, but I am rooting for the Pats. I am in nj smack middle of giant country. So tired of the giant talk and arrogance. They were given a gift by niners. Our D essentially shut down giants offense. I would love for giants to try and shut down pats two tightends and welker. I think eli used up all of his magic and is bound for a bad game. I would rather lose in nfc title game than in superbowl. Getting to superbowl and losing stings even worse.
f**k em both. Hope it ends in a tie. 100 over times with no score.
What's gonna happen is the Giants are gonna win. Adding much salt to the wound because we know that should've been us getting #6.
Um, yeah... pretty much.

Although, I'm not even planning on watching it, so... go 2012 Draft! Pick 30, woohoo!!!
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But, I just can't root for the Patriots. I want the Giants to beat the cheating Pats again! would really hurt if giants ended up winning superbowl. I remember a month or two ago all the giants fans were screaming to fire coughlin and their defensive coordinator. Now you cant find one fan to say a bad thing about them. I cant stand the Pats and Bellid!ck but I am forced to root for them. KEEP YOUR HEADS UP NINER NATION. WE SHALL RETURN.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
f**k em both. Hope it ends in a tie. 100 over times with no score.

Yah I hope they both lose.
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Sorry! I never cheer for any other football team.
Originally posted by titan:
Sorry! I never cheer for any other football team.

I guess if I have to select a team i hate less, I'd say the pats. I hope Gronk runs over Rolle and (can't name any pats defenders) makes Eli s**t his pants.
I hope it's a s**t GAME

I hope it's more of a snoozer than the Ravens vs Giants Superbowl ...F*CK both of the Giants and Patriots

Sorry ...I'm over the bummed out phase ..entering "Pissed off Mode" now ...But as Angry as I am ...I would never wish any harm to Kyle Williams or say anything F*CKED UP like making threats ...Some people lost their damn mind and need to chill out

Normally I'd be pulling for the Giants, since that would mean that we lost to the "best team". However, the sentimental side of me kind of wants the Pats to win, because of the contributions that Bob Kraft made in to get a labor deal done despite his wife's ill health and eventual passing. That'd be kind of cool, in my opinion.
I hope its 3-0 Pats and the worst SB evAAA!
I think the Giants are going to win. We all see what Cruz did to Rogers. Imagine what he's going to do with Julian Edleman checking him. I just don't think the Pats defense can hold up to the giants offense at all. I think the Pats will score but I can see the Giants defense getting more stops. i don't see the Pats getting too many stops in this game.
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I do like Tom Coughlin, but damn the Giants just get on these runs and are unstoppable. Don't really care who wins either way, just looking forward to the off-season
<--- Not watching SB, but hopes NE destroys the Giants to prove they shouldn't be representing the NFC.
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