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Joe Philbin agrees to be Dolphins next coach

She is just not that special. But b/c she is a girlfriend of a QB, thus unreachable for the most guys, it seems like she is a sexbomb.

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Originally posted by communist:
She is just not that special. But b/c she is a girlfriend of a QB, thus unreachable for the most guys, it seems like she is a sexbomb.

u must date lots of supermodels
Her face is the only part of her above average.
Originally posted by jreff22:
and the internal destruction of GB begins

Not really, Philbin has never been the playcaller at GB, he "prepped" the offensive that difficult to replace. Frankly I think he'll be a bust as a head coach. I would look at them losing Clements, their QB coach, as a MUCH bigger loss if it happened and see him kind of like a future Harbaugh type of coach, former QB, very bright(finished law school while playing), has been coaching around the league for a long time.
Originally posted by zillabeast:
Originally posted by HearstFan:
On a more serious note - How the heck is Philbin going to get his head straight to fully concentrate on totally rebuilding a team (franchise really) having just lost his son. Damn, I would think it would take at least a year to get re-centered. I feel for the guy.


some people intentionally work really really hard after something like that

its a coping mechanism

helps em not think about it

That may work for VERY FEW people. Yeah, he may throw himself into his work, but working a lot may be just going through the motions. Your clear head and analytical side probably aren't 100%.
OC: Mike Sherman
DC: Kevin Coyle, former DB-coach in Cincy...
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Brandon Marshall is already talking up Flynn. I actually think the Dolphins with a good QB could be a 10 win team easy, Sherman will actually do a good job there I think
I would agree if there werent the plan to switch to 43-defense. Ok, oficially there isnt any plan to switch but Coyle comes from a 43-franchise, so there is a huge possibility that he will convert the system in Miami though their 34 worked very well, imo.
EDIT: Acc to Stats, their defense is the 3rd best against the run, both in terms of Yards/Attempt (own:3.7; best: 3.5 SF and BAL) and when looking at TDs allowed (8; 3 SF).
It's avg against the pass: 7.2 Yards per attempt (SF: 6.9; PIT: 5.6), 24 TDs allowed (20; 11), 41 sacks (42; 50 PHI&MIN).
Thus, the pass defense could be better especially behind the line but, if the stats represent the whole truth, one LB less would provide more problems. Heard that their FS sucks...
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