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Hue Jackson in Running for Rams OC

Originally posted by vrabbit:
yup, this Rams coaching staff is shaping up to be pretty good

I like competition so I'm all for everyone in our division to be better

Agreed - Easy wins, are a thing-of-the-past, in the NFC West
next season. Venture across the Mississippi, and some serious
D awaits. This division owned the MIGHTY NFC East, in '11.

Originally posted by YungAce:
... Too bad they still won't be able to contend

Don't get this TWISTED, 'cause I HATE all our division FOES ...
but, do you mean, not able to contend the same way we weren't
going-to, supposed-to this season !
Two LA coaches means they'll move back there and then we get the "BEAT LA" chant back
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