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Hue Jackson in Running for Rams OC

PFT reports that the Rams are talking to Hue Jackson about joining their staff as OC.

He is actually a good offensive coordinator. He just went nuts as a head coach.
I don't want that to happen. Hue is a great OC.
I don't like it one bit. He may be a little nuts, but I think he'd be a solid OC. I'd prefer he wasn't in the division.
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He isnt conservative enough for Jeff Fisher.
i want them to go with shotty
Hue is much better as an OC than Schottenheimer. They would have a VERY good staff with Fisher, Jackson, and Williams altogether.

Williams may not have had the best game against us, but part of this is due to New Orleans' mediocre defensive talent collectively. Williams put together NUMEROUS top ten defensive units, including the #1 defense when he was with Fisher at Tennessee. That was a reason he got HC consideration.

People thinking Williams sucks as a DC are just having knee-jerk reactions to the game.
yup, this Rams coaching staff is shaping up to be pretty good

I like competition so I'm all for everyone in our division to be better
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this is one of the benefits to hiring a veteran coach like Fisher... people will want to work for him
Yikes. That would be tough.

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f**k, HUUUUGH! no ,no. f**k HEEUUUUUUUUUUGH!
Originally posted by Janitor:
PFT reports that the Rams are talking to Hue Jackson about joining their staff as OC.

I wouldnt laugh at that. He can coach QBs, now we have to face his team twice a year. And it's not like Bradford is a bad QB.
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What they said, Hue is a good OC. Just not Head Coaching material, yet.

Fisher is really going after the big names this offseason. Too bad they still won't be able to contend
As others have said, would be a solid hiring on their part. OTOH, our defense is sooo dominating that it won't matter what they do next season, we'll still sweep them.
he's a good OC, so I don't like that.

BUT he's a power hungry organizational cancer, so go ahead and sign him.
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