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giants or atlanta

giants or atlanta

which team has a better chance of beating GB in GB

i think atlanta overall has the better offense of the two but giants are a bit more balanced

atlanta can control the ball with TOP with micharl turner and have 3 legit targets in julio jones roddy white and tony gonzalez

however their pass D (specifically their pass rush) is suspect

giants on the other hand are much more balanced- they arguably have the best pass rush as they can pressure with their front 4 and also have a decent passing attack

whats your opinion and why?

Better defense, better running game, better WRs, better QB.
If atlanta would wake up and remember that 3 years ago they won by poundng the rock, then maybe they would have achance.

Giants are going to beat the falcons like 28 to 17. And Can beat GB if their secondary shows up.
The Giants have a better shot in my opinion, simply because of Eli and his experience and history as a playoff warrior. That entire Giants team is something else in the playoffs on the road.

However, the Falcons offense can absolutely destroy the Packers if they execute a perfect gameplan. Think about pound the rock with Turner and Snelling, keeping the ball away from the Packers, and when you do need to put up points, you can go over the top with Jones/White and don't forget about Gonzalez.

All depends on how either team wins tomorrow.
Falcons may be whatever you wanna say on paper, but pathetic in their last two battles with GB.

I would say the 49ers last battle with GB was more respectable than last year's and this year's Falcons put up.

Also agree about the Giants.....'07 season says it all. How quickly a lot of regular NFL fans forget.
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Giants by far, but don't think they'll get past Atlanta. I know that sounds paradoxical, but for years they've played better on the road and better as underdogs. Before the Falcons lost 34-31 in OT in NY two years ago (without Michael Turner), the road team had won the last 12 games in this series.
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