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whats up with herman edwards?

i just heard that he seems to think the colts would be better off picking III over luck. ive heard it here before but didnt beleive it untill now. Herman is at least semi rascist. now that i think about it... i hope the colts dont pick luck. i dont want to see them have 2 of the best qb's in history back to back any way. i wonder what coach harbaugh thinks about this.
because he's black
prob because RG3 has higher upside so with him sitting for a couple years while mannin plays can help them more than picking luck
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Herm Edwards took two teams and made them worse when he left them. I donot think much of his analysis or his opinions. RG3 stock is high becuase Cam Newton had a monster of a year that nobody thought we have.
And this helps the
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
because he's black

Duh he's Herm Edwards.
need a link to this story. But they would be stupid to pick RG3 bc Luck is way safer and better. Just bc Luck is white they think he cant run and scramble but the dude can do it all really good. Plus have u ever seen Luck run the ball and drill into a defender.?..the dude is bigger and faster than most people think
you mean dungy??????
Cam Newton's success will boost RGIII's value. idiots gonna stereotype

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i thought tony Dungy said this?
In before the move to the proper forum.
Originally posted by 49AllTheTime:
i thought tony Dungy said this?

It will be hilarious to me if the OP is calling a guy racist and hasn't even got the correct guy
Originally posted by StOnEy333:
In before the move to the proper forum.

yeah IBTMTPF this bich
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