I'll just say i'm excited about how many amazing free agent WRs there are out there this offseason. Most will end up with their same teams but Wayne, Colston, Meachem, one of the jacksons, S.Johnson, manningham, bowe. Obviously there are slightly differing tiers there but ANY of them are going to impact this offense especially if they're just one piece along with several offense oriented draft picks.(Coby Fleener plz)

Compare this years list to last years'. The best guys last year were an injury riddled sidney rice, santonio holmes, santana moss, braylon edwards(didn't do s**t), steve smith(signed but didn't do s**t), plaxico burress straight outta jail, and malcom floyd.

Most of the guys that did sign somewhere new had serious issues. I don't see many character concern FAs this year so it'll either be we get no one(high possibility) or we get someone amazing(if we are willing to spend). Some might say Desean is a guy with character concerns but I'd say you don't have as much success as desean has had and say with one subpar season he's got issues. Plus an eagles offense without desean is hard to imagine and probably pretty horrible.
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