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Sing might get promoted to dc.

Am I a bad person for wanting to see this happen just so he can flame out and get run out of town???
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Fantastic! We play the NFC North next year.

There goes the Vikings Defnese..........
Lulz. Dude can't coach worth a lick. Great motivational speaker though.
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I wouldn't mind seeing what he could do, he can't be any worse than J. Castillo.
He can't gameplan
Originally posted by BobS:
That is like saying someone's understanding of math is the only thing stopping them from being an accountant. I love it.
I think Sing is actually a better head coach than he would be as coordinator.

The coordinator has to have all the X'sw and O's strategy mapped out and be on top of everything. He would be terrible at that.

If the Niners had better coordinators while he was here he would have been decent because he was such a leader. Unfortunately they had no strategy and Sing was helpless cause he can't do any of it himself. I am not saying he was or will every be a very good head coach either, he is way too emotional, but he will be worse as coordinator
Good for Sing. But the only way he can be better at x's and o's is by having the opportunity to actually call plays. This is what he needs before becoming a head coach again.
Jarad Allen would get raped trying to cover TE as an OLB

damn, wanted the raiders to get him as dc
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I liked Singletary so much, he's intense and great for the players....I hope he can succeed as a head coach one day.
Not sure if Singletary would be a good DC, but he's gotta be better than the Eagles making their OL coach a DC.
wow, they must've not been paying attention last season. Dude is borderline retarded.
Originally posted by TonyStarks:
Sing is a good coach. Always liked the guy.
The x's and o's thing is the only reason he wasn't extremely sucessful. Fix that and you have an excellent coach.

(Before you flame, we lost a ton of games last year only by 3 to 7 points)

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