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Shall We Sign Kyle Orton?

He is now with the bears.

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Hell no!!!! I live in Denver Orton is horrible. You think Alex pass are weak. alex has a cannon compared to orton. I would much rather have keap
seriously wdf orton had 1 good year in denver and that was last year, he got benched for a quarterback who went 2/9 in a pro football game. I believe Kaepernick wuld be the better option short term as well as long term if necessary
Orton back to the Bears would be fun to watch.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:

Ugh..... That didn't take long, huh?

Ummmmm..... How about NO Scott?!?!?

(And can we please stop the insanity?)
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
Bench Alex and sign Orton!

Some of you totally missed the point. I wasn't saying replace Smith with Orton. I'm saying having him as a back-up if Smith goes down. I like Kaep, but do you really think he's capable of stepping in with 3 total career pass attempts and leading us to the championship? At least Orton has won some games.
He's going back to the Bears

Aw hell no!
Get this s**t out of my Niner Talk.
Originally posted by PatrickWillisHOF:
Bench Alex and sign Orton!
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wonder how it would have turned out if we did get him right after the lockout ended...but wow Orton fell pretty far, I wonder what was the point of Denver releasing Orton and why they did it? didn't make much sense
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