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Which NFL roster would you least like to take over if you were a GM?

How can the answer not be the Browns.
Browns BUT a GM has to deal with the owner and Snyder is awful.
Nice analysis of teams

Washington - OL is horrible, average RB, might as well cut all of their QB's. Who know how well Cooley and Holmes will play when they come back from injury next year. Accept for Fletcher (who is getting old in football years) Okopora and Landry don't have much on the defensive side of the ball. In addition if you blew up this team how much dead money would you have to deal with and for how long?
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Indy minus Peyton Manning tops the list.
Originally posted by LasVegasWally:
Browns BUT a GM has to deal with the owner and Snyder is awful.

I don't think most coaches would call Synder awful. He gives you the money and power to do what you want. He just keeps hiring the wrong ppl. Shanahan dropped the ball on Mcnabb, and then again with Grossman/Beck.
I'd have to say the Colts roster would be horrible to have to rebuild -- they need upgrades or youth almost everywhere. But they have a good organization, so as a coach with a multi-year plan, at least you might be able to make progress.
Woops, you asked as a GM - not as a coach. Hmmm, as a GM I'd hate to take over the Browns. I just don't see that ownership enabling the GM the right way.
Jags, Cards, Browns.
I'd take the Colts. I'd love to build a franchise from the ground up with a great owner. Particularly if they get the #1 overall and Peyton gets healthy. Getting Luck or a boatload of draft picks looks like an ideal start to me.

My last choice would actually be Denver. I want no part of the Tebow situation.
EASILY wouldnt want to own the STL RAMS

Honestly, I'd say the Cowboys. I know Jerry Jones is the GM and he'll never give that up but he's such a control freak over every aspect, I don't think I could do that job if he did hire a GM. Not to mention, I can't stand Dallas or Jerry Jones.

If I'm gonna be a GM, sit back and sign the checks. Let me do my job.
the browns. at least indy has a franchise QB.
Originally posted by oldtimer49er:
the browns. at least indy has a franchise QB.

One would assume....there is no guarantee Peyton comes back.
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