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Any chance we bring Lloyd back?

I wouldnt be opposed to bringing him in for a 5th rounder
Nooooooooooooooo..... i dont want my 49ers to suck again. all brandon is good for is that stupid windows to the walls dance.
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i know i know, i hated him too. But i think maybe he has changed from what he was when he was on our team
We don't need him. Crabtree and Edwards will be plenty of offense, Williams, Swain and Ginn are decent depth.
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What are you guys talking about? Didn't he lead the league in yards and receptions last year? I'm not saying he can do that again, but it would be foolish not to look at him.
He's a great WR and always has been. People can discount him all they want but he's a natural and has become a great route runner as well. That said, I don't think he fits our offense but if he can be had for cheap, I got no problems.
As long as he played like he did last year and doesnt duck passes anymore id welcome him back.
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Lloyd is a legit receiver, cant let one or two passes tell you the whole story about him
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Edwards, Crabtree and Lloyd sounds good to me.
id welcome him back for a 5th.. We are kind of hurt right now and honestly after his catch this past weekend .. thats one thing he has always done is make spiderman like catches.. But if its the old him dont depend on him to get out of bounds when the game is on the line and we need the clock stopped!
Lloyd and Crabs in the same lockerroom? The estrogen levels would go through the roof.
If the price is right I would definitley take him back. He is not the same guy as when he left....the text book definition of a late bloomer. I am not sure I would go a third on him, since we seem to have a lot of luck in the the third, but I would go a 4th or 5th without hesitation. We may not keep him for next year but he is a great stop gap for Morgan and I want as many guys here as we can get so we can try to keep them for the future. You have to figure one of Morgan, Edwards or Lloyd walks after the season is up...but if you could keep them all with Crabs...we could actually see 4 wide reciever sets next year.
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