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R.I.P. Al Davis

oh wow. RIP old man.
How do they know?
RIP Davis

I believe he died from cancer
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My prognostication: next big person to go is John Madden. He is not sick or anything to my knowledge, that is just my stab in the dark. If I'm wrong, nobody will hold it against me. because it was such a crazy guess. However, if I'm right, I might be hailed a prophet and it'll change my life forever. I'll be laying in the sun someplace beautiful, eating peeled grapes fed to me by scantily clad hotties who think I'm a messiah. It's definitely worth the risk.
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celebrities die in 3's

Say what you want about the Cryptkeeper, the guy was an innovator. It looks like the Raiders are rebounding and old Al has been waiting 10 years for it. Too bad he won't see them make the playoffs next. He is managing general partner so I guess Amy Trask will totally take over. Like Harbaugh, it looks like the Raiders got a good one in Jackson and a great back in Run DMC.

From creating the AFL and being commissioner, and sticking his finger out at the NFL and suing them


He was tempetuous and his Kiffin firing was classless, among other goofy things he has done lately.


First Steve Jobs now Al Davis, its been a bummer for the Bay Area. These things come in threes :(
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Originally posted by Paul:
celebrities die in 3's

omg, who's next? Please let it be that fat b***h judge from You Think you Can Dance.
his legacy will never be denied, RIP
Wow, RIP Al.

Easy to mock lately, but it is obvious that the whole landscape of the NFL would be different without his contributions. Some Raiders fans probably wish he was out of the game long ago, and maybe it did eventually pass him by, but he had more of an historical effect on the product we see on the field every week than anyone left alive.
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Man, that's messed up. RIP.
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damn. thought he was a zombie. RIP.
RIP Skeletor
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