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R.I.P. Al Davis

Just heard it on the news.
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Damn, the Raiders might actually start being a competently run franchise now.
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Thank you for Michael Crabtree.

Maybe a 49er fan shot him? After all, WE are the worse fan base now, right?
  • Paul
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wow, didn't see this coming.. I know the more recent Raiders have not been good, but Davis is a legend. RIP
As much as I hate the Raiders, I can put Al Davis into the 'NFL legend' category.
RIP Al Davis
Wow. What was the cause?
rip uncle al
Cryptkeeper picture in 5... 4... 3.... 2....
Originally posted by Strwy2Hevn:
RIP Al Davis

Ironic poster name is ironic.

I wonder what his 40 time to the afterlife was? Would he have drafted himself?
God damn it, how does every one get to it before me, every time!

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I was about to post this...RIP Al Davis!
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Raiders owner Al Davis dies

RIP, Al.
He did more for football then a lot of the youngsters will ever realize