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Do you have a 2nd favorite NFL team?

Whoever is playing against Rams, Cardinals, Seahawks, Cowboys, and Raiders that week I will root for
Originally posted by mug0mug:

Chargers are probably my 2nd favorite the last few years since Tomlinson was there. Colts are up there because of manning. And even tho I used to despise them, I like the packers now for Rodgers and matthews.
I gamble on the NFL a lot. So I usually invest in a couple of dark horses a season. Its not like I like their brand, its just I dig what their GM, HC are up to. Example the 08 and 09 Jets, they won me a lot of money those can I be mad at that
Usually the Pats, but I'm picking the Saints this year, since I'll be in their tv market.
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my dad has always been a Steelers fan (since he was 12)... so over the years I've always rooted for them too, I still remember the Super Bowl vs. Seattle when Willie Parker broke free & ran 75 yards... My Dad and I were jumping up and down screaming
Vikes and Ravens.
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Go Niners! f**k everyone else!

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If I weren't a Niners fan I'd be a Ravens fan

Ravens and packers for me. I've been to more Ravens games than any other sports team, mostly just because of geographic location.

You guys better not be showing up to the game on Thanksgiving with Ravens jerseys

Cowboys, Seahawks, Cardinals, and the Rams.

Don't have one!!!!
Nope. Niners all day baby!
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f**k no

2nd favorite teams are for the gheys
I live in Minnesota, so I cheer against all the other teams in the NFL that play the Vikes ..except the 49ers

No such thing as a "second favorite" but there can be a "2nd team that you root for if your favorite is out of playoffs."

Love = 49ers only.
Like = Lions, Texans, Bills, Browns, Panthers
Semi-like = A bunch of teams.

Used to really like Pittsburgh during the Kordell Stewart days, but.. I can't have them winning any more Super Bowls. So..

Teams that can go screw themselves: Packers, Cowboys, Patriots, Cardinals, Eagles, Steelers, Jets - because Rex annoys me.
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