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The extra point is dumb. Eliminate them?

The extra point is dumb. Eliminate them?

Originally posted by 49erFaithful6:
no you don't this was posted to begin with...

but nonetheless it up the 'zone has spoken

no you still take it away. ever heard of the rule don't take points off the board?

i could live with moving it back to the 10 or something and going for 2 is still at the 2. but then you eliminate the fake XP.
Originally posted by SanDiego49er:
It's horrendous what they did the kickoff this year. There are 3 aspects to the game. Not 2. There is offense, defense, and special teams. A team like the Chargers was ranked #1 in offense and #1 in defense but still lost lots of games and missed the playoffs. Because their special teams was horrible. Or for example our team which is bad has Ted Ginn. He can sometimes keep you in games if he can bring one back. Now a bad team even if they have a special teams advantage has nothing. And a good team with horrible special teams (Chargers) will mask that problem as if it didn't exist. It messes with the competative balance in ways I don't think are good.

i agree with you. eliminate how they can block then set up the coverage team with a pooch kick. returners are going to gt destroyed. when do they eliminate the punt?
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