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Eli Manning says he's in the same class as an elite QB as Tom Brady

No way - no how. Way, way, way over-rated.
Cool story, bro
Big Ben

I'm a believer. He's a top 5 QB (top 4 if his older brother doesn't come back), but he needs to play like this yearly to be grouped among brees, rodgers, and brady.
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Eli is a baller straight up.
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No one is better than Eli in the clutch, not even Tebow. Maybe Brady is tied, even though Eli did beat him in the Super Bowl. If Eli would just extend his clutch play to every quarter and cut down on the mistakes (like the pick 6 vs. GB and the pick 6 Dallas should've had today), he would be the best qb in the game.

Undoubtedly Rodgers is having the best year and deserves mvp, but if the question is who do I want in the playoffs:

1) Brady
2) Eli
3) Rodgers
4) Brees
He was under pressure all game and was throwing perfect passes.
My list:

3)Packers defense
You're supposed to say Alex since the 49ers beat the Giants. Now here comes the banhammer.
Plug in any top 5 qb into gb and I think they do well....can not say the same about the colts...
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