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Eli Manning says he's in the same class as an elite QB as Tom Brady


I do however agree with Eli saying that Brady is a better QB now than he was when he won the 3 Superbowls. Just goes to show it's a team game.
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elite QB = hall of fame

Eli will probably get in there
Eli is a second tier QB thats for sure, but 1st tier with phillip rivers, roethlisberger, tom brady, peyton manning drew brees, aaron rodgers i just dont know, hes more like joe flacco, mike vick, matt cassel, david guarrard, etc
I want him on this team
eli is a tweener, better than 2nd tier but below 1st tier.
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He's a good qb compared to anything close to what we've had around.

But you can't throw 25 ints and compare yourself to brady, who only had 4 last year. You can argue brady's also had monster seasons with amazing td totals that eli has yet to reach, but I think what really makes a qb one tier higher is his ability to do what he does without turning the ball over, not whether or not he's got 5-10 more tds or 300-400 more yards in a year.

At least he didn't try to compare himself to his brother.
I dont see whats wrong of Eli saying this. Everyone knows he's probably not a better QB or even as good, but if you're at the level they are and you are a competitor you have to have it in your mind that you're better or as good as every other player. Plus he has some ownage on Tom, he beat him in a super bowl.
Not really true objectively but in a league such as the NFL, you have to have a self image like that to live up to if you actually want to be that good, even if it is a little delusional lol.
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i have never heard him speak before
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Are we talking about Peyton or Eli?... If it's Peyton I might agree. Now Eli I'd say GTFO.
F*** Eli.

Least favorite non-rapist QB in the NFL (after Roethlisberger and Sanchez)

Originally posted by aman49:
F*** Eli.

Least favorite non-rapist QB in the NFL (after Roethlisberger and Sanchez)

What is Eli supposed to say? "oh yeah he is better than me by a lot, I am not a consistent QB and at times I get INT happy while Tom Brady is god and I worship the ground he walks on"? Seriously?
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