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2011 NFL Draft

ahahahahhahaha goodbye panthers...hopefully, clausen asks for a trade, goes to another franchise and turns in a franchise qb whereas newton turns to a bust.
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Miller Time
Broncos should take Dareus

[ Edited by susweel on Apr 28, 2011 at 17:09:28 ]
Supposedly Denver loves Miller, but Dareus would fill their biggest need.
Wow...I cant believe football is back...Well...Kinda...
Originally posted by Blitz:
Vid is up of the war room...

Thank You!
bills? broncos come first.
Where's the ticker, this is getting annoying!
denver is gonna take Miller

Originally posted by ChaunceyGardner:
I think Denver goes Dareus

Miller was a smoke screen, IMO.
Originally posted by susweel:
Newton is gonna be a star.

what about a good qb?
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@Sportspickle: Jimmy Clausen is drowning his sorrows in a case of Zima.

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Did Newton just quote Spiderman?! lol.
less than 5 mins, hurry up & pick Denver
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