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Enough About Restructuring The Playoff Seeding

Being a life long 9ers fan, this was a frustrating and embarrassing year. But all this talk of re-seeding is irritating knee jerk reactions to the parity the NFL itself created. And yes, the NFC West is the worst division in football this year.

First of all, how long have we all been upset on how the BCS works? A panel that no one knows who's on, determines who's better than who based on what exactly? Not to mention corruption and self interest being thrown around in the conversation. The consensus has been that the professional style is way better than the opinion of the man behind the curtain. The divisions are what they are, play your games, be professionals and take your wins and losses like a man. Upset that a team with a better record didn't make the playoffs? Cry me a river, you shoulda coulda won your division. How much ridicule would I have to endure if I cried about the 9ers record? After all, the Saints, Falcons and Eagles beat us by a combined score of 8 points. When I bust my calculator out that puts the 9ers at 9-7 for the year.

So then I'm told that, its ok that Seattle won because a division winner deserves to be in the playoffs but they shouldn't host the game to a wildcard team with a superior record. BUT that's the PROFESSIONAL RULE. That's why one is called division 'champ' and the other is a 'wildcard'. They said it was unfair that N.O. had to travel across the country. YET no one, and I mean no one (including myself) gave Seattle a chance to win. Seattle was a 10 point dog at home. AT HOME. Lets not mention the fact that the indoor playing Saints had to play outside in one of the loudest stadiums in the country. What would the spread have been if it was in N.O., 20? Is this Oregon vs Yale?

As a matter of fact, if any of you believe that Seattle shouldn't be hosting the playoff game, then maybe we should get into the discussion of stripping the Saints and Falcons of some wins...after all they did get to play the weak NFC West, right? They wouldn't have that record if they played the NFC East. As much as I can't stand Seattle, I applaud that win. It proves again that professionals can and do win on any given Sunday.

My Giants proved in baseball this year, that the post-season is a whole new season and everyone is 0-0, no matter what the analysts say. Even after the Giants complete dominance in the playoffs, Philly and its rotation is put up on a pedestal as if they were the dominating WS winners. Yup, the east coast bias is alive and well. If you leave it up to some, no one in the West, NFC or AFC would be in the post season. Sorry, that's just the way it plays out sometimes. When the 9ers were dominating in the 80's and 90's everyone cried that the weak division we were in was the reason for our success. Then that should have been an easy playoff win for teams in other divisions that had better talent to play against, right? After all we were playing tomato cans all year. So much for that theory. Besides obvious geography and the fact the North and South were created, that was a reason the NFC West was restructured so drastically. Does everyone wish the Falcons and Saints were still in the West to make it more competitive?

I'll never deny that some 9er fans are Winers, but can you all stop being WHiners please. You're embarrassing yourselves.
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Everybody was talking about re-seeding when it looked like the East Coast NY Giants were going to have to go to Seattle. Funny how once the Saints were going everybody seemed ok with it. It's all about the bias.
Well said!!! Now can we please just enjoy the playoffs!!!
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