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Favre's streak could possibly end this week...

Although it probably will not end.

I realize that he has been in doubt to play before, but he always finds a way to get on the field. That's why he is one of the toughest guys to ever play in the NFL, and that is one huge reason why he holds all of the major records for a QB... and it is also why his legend just continues to grow.

However, if "Father Time" finally catches up with Favre and his ankle is just not able to heal enough for him to be able to play effectively, and he would be ruled OUT of the game...

Wouldn't it be ironic that the team which caused the injury was his former beloved Packers... The team which he will always be most remembered for and most deeply connected to would be the same team which ended his much celebrated streak of consecutive games started.

Do you think there would be a few more "mixed" feelings in Green Bay...?
So what? Even if it does I can't see any QB ever beating that record. It stands on it's own even now if it does end. It's pretty tough to play with 2 fractures in your foot, some messed up ligaments and tendinitis in the throwing elbow. Maybe sitting for a while would be good for him and the Vikings.
Who cares! Just some more Farve drama we'll have to listen too for the next week or two. The only thing Farve cares about is what concerns him. What about the rest of the team, don't you think they are getting tired of him holding the team hostage?
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No way he doesn't play. He wants to keep the streak going at least.
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