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Brandon Lloyd

He wasn't strong at all. No YAC pretty much every time.

Dude would dive .crash and burn to get a catch when he felt like it. That's for sure.
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i would say "good for him" but I don't care about him.


It's only a matter of time Lloyd gets injured.
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WHY did we get RID of him?

thats really the complete and sole purpose huh?

Not quite, though that image nearly optimizes his stay with the 49ers.

You've either just become a 49ers fan or have amnesia.

Brandon Lloyd's tenure in San Francisco was marked by inconsistent route running, poor run blocking and an inability to make receptions over the middle. His saving grace was the deep fade route, as his jumping ability and excellent hands allowed for the occasional spectacular catch. Lloyd's aloof attitude ultimately led to the trade that sent him to Washington for third and fourth round picks.

Lloyd has since spent parts of four seasons on the Redskins, Bears and Broncos.

His success in 2010 can directly linked to the Broncos' passing attack. The Broncos are second in the NFL in passing attempts per game (43.8) and last in rushing yards (220 total rushing yards). Both Jabar Gaffney (240 Yards) and Eddie Royal (299 Yards) are experiencing superior seasons to their 2009 totals.

If I had to bet, I'd say Lloyd won't sustain his production pace throughout the remainder of the season. Denver's lack of running game and Lloyd's one dimensional nature will be game planned around and stopped.
There goes your boy right now
he can thank mcdaniels system for maximizing what he does well
In 5 games Lloyd has 545 Yards and 2 TD's

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tearing it up again today. HOpefully we have an answer for him in London town.
Fantasy Football miracle.
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Fantasy Football miracle.

I'm glad I picked him up.
Let it go. There's nothing we can do about it now

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Let it go. There's nothing we can do about it now

trade Alex for Lloyd?
Crash and burn Bloyd

that was a crazy ass catch.
seriously, his play this year shocks me.
He's having a pro bowl year.
Probably stopped rapping and decided to concentrate on football
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