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Lott gave a motivational speech to the saints before the game

Originally posted by GOLDMOUTH22:
do the niners still pay his ass? that's what i thought! singletary gives motivational speaches to the 49ers everyday... GET OVER IT! RONNIE LOTT IS THE MAN! we didn't lose OVER A DAMN MOTIVATIONAL SPEECH! YES I'M YELLING!

Anybody who has an issue with this doesn't understand real life and relationships.
Originally posted by BETTERDAYZ9ERS:
Hold judgment until you provide a link or source. I love Ronnie Lott.

it was all over monday night football.
Football players are in a fraternity that the fans are not, and often don't understand apparantly. They don;t hate their friends that are on other teams just because fans are rabid about jersey colors.
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Originally posted by susweel:
Anybody who has an issue with this doesn't understand real life and relationships. can have a motivational speech for ANY game other then the team i gave my heart, soul and finger for during my Hall of fame career.
just the fact that he felt like he had to explain himself in a recent interview about the speech just goes that he himself thinks it was wrong. he could have waited and done it a week after the game in my oponion, the timing is horrible
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This was a 49ers game, Jerry Rice, Montana, Clark, Young and more were on hand... This was the WRONG game to be on the other team.
Lott just got paid
why did this get moved to the nfl talk section? this is about a niner game and lott was an ex niner? hmmm dont get it

I think there is a slight issue with his timing and responsibility of all this. He comes on Fridays and, for the most part, acts as a 49ers fan who appears to like it when they win and still thinks positive when they lose with slight comments to what was wrong after the loss.

So, I really don't think it looks good, in terms of conflicting interest, which most businesses fire people for doing. I'm not saying he's getting paid by the 49ers to come pump them up on the radio but he is still doing it on his own.

This leads to his Friday shows appearing to be a bunch of hot air and meaningless talk that he really won't back up because he will be quick to run over to the other side when/if he's called by the other team on gameday against the Niners to come in and refocus them on how they need to perform week to week in order to keep the title.

For being a 49ers fan, he doesn't need to be telling the opponent minutes before the game to not lose focus as champions.
i had to get outta my car and onto BART before ronnie did his show with murph and mac this morning. anyone know what he said about all this?

When I first heard this I thought WTF. Then later I find out it was about winning back to back SBs. I was all good about it. Who else are the Saints going to turn to but one of our own. Bad timing of the speech though. I guess having the speech given to the Saints players on our home ground, the home of champions was a good setting.
I would have preferred that he not give a motivational speech to the Saints when they were playing the Niners on MNF. However, having said that I will not condemn one of the greatest players in 49ers history for doing something that is certainly his right.

The 49ers let Ronnie Lott go WAY before they should have. He was still an excellent player yet they treated him like just another player. Where was the loyalty then? He doesnt owe the Niners a damn thing to tell you the truth.

I hate the fact that some of you in this thread actually wrote FK LOTT. There has never been a player that gave more (as demonstrated by the fact that he cut off his fricking finger) to any organization than Ronnie Lott did for the SF 49ers. He was just as important to the Niners success in the 80s as Joe Montana was.
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Patrick Willis is a cowboy fan, they should cut him
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