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Favorite NFL Player?

Who is your favorite NFL player of ALL time?


Steve Young
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Bill Ring
Cedric Hardwick
Gene Washington
Dave Wilcox
Bryant Young
jose cortez... JK

my all time favorite NFL player is Bryant Young... CLASS ACT!!! on and off the field!!!
Jerry Rice
Frank Gore
tim mcdonald
Bryant Young. One of the most classiest NFL players ever
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Jerry Rice
Steve Young
Patrick Willis
Terrell Owens

Patrick Willis
I am going to go nonhomer with this and name my favorite players to watch that are not Seahawks

1. Brett Favre. Say what you want about him, the dude is a competitor and always seems to find a way to make some great plays in every game.

2. Steve Young. Don't think I need to explain that one to any of you guys.

3. Deion Sanders. He was explosive with the ball in his hands and was always entertaining to watch.

4. Lynn Swann. Dude had amazing hands

5. Barry Sanders. I have never seen a running back that was more fun to watch.
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Joe Montana, the ultimate gem.

My Top 10

Joe Montana
Ronnie Lott
Patrick Willis
Jerry Rice
Frank Gore
Ed Reed
Ray Lewis
Tom Brady
Peyton Manning
Kurt Warner

Soon to be on the list, Taylor Mays!!!
Jerry Rice
brian bosworth
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