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Adam Schein: ''JaMarcus is finished''

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LOL! So funny how he bashes the bust

Bashing on Russell

That guy is f**king annoying
Originally posted by valrod33:
That guy is f**king annoying
It's even funnier when you watch his opinion of Willis right after.

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Al Davis publicly declared it himself: He wanted JaMarcus Russell. Lane Kiffin wanted Calvin Johnson. Someone was right; someone wasn't.

Schefter's Twitter
I thought Shein was older than that. I hated him on NFL radio, I really hate him now.....ugh...
Is it just me or does he look like Cillian Murphy?
I like adam schein

Hes a 49er homer just like chris berman, I had nfl radio few years back and he was always covering the niners and bringing them up during conversations.

I hope JaMarcus has burnt threw his money and has to earn his keep outside of football, what a useless piece of human existence. He probably will be arrested on a major felony in the next 12 months, robbery similar to Maurice Clarrett.
They were saying the Colts might pick him up................

With a forklift!
Originally posted by NinerFanMT:
Is it just me or does he look like Cillian Murphy?

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