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Randy Moss Vs Jerry Rice-Let's be real.

Watch this video and tell me Rice isn't the best ever. Jerry Rice Hall of Fame

Note the part at 7:30 in particular. After the 49ers had just beaten San Diego 4 days before in the Superbowl, Rice is out working on the field down in Santa Clara.

Rice has all the numbers, worked the absolute hardest, got the most he possibly could from his body, was a leader, was a great blocker, was a perfectionist at his craft and from anyone inside the NFL is the unquestioned best WR of all time. Get me one credible source in the NFL who says they would gladly take Moss and his piss poor attitude over Rice.

Moss gave up in Oakland, numerous Patriots fans say Moss barely cares when he is not being thrown to. You would have to be insane to want Moss over Rice.
Longevity is underrated but shouldnt be.
I’m not trying to make a case that Randy Moss is without a doubt the best, but you can argue it.

If that's your point . . . uh . . . OK. Kind of a funny place to do it . . . it almost smacks of a debate class experiment. But rock on.
Originally posted by 49ertrue1:
You guys are jokes. I am the hugest Rice fan still. & went to 4 Niner games last year at the stick!
Get some balls and read it all.

Will you shut the f*ck up with that "read it all" sh*t? I DID read it all, what now? Was it supposed to change my mind and have me thinking you're right? It didn't.

Like I said, I have no reason to even argue with you about Rice Vs. Moss. Name me one analyst, coach, player, broadcaster, team owner, hell, name me one NFL janitor that has ever said Moss can be better than Rice? Moss has been playing long enough to know how good or bad he is. NOBODY who has an opinion worth a damn has EVER said Moss is better than Rice.

Don't you think there's a reason behind that? Or are you too ignorant to figure it out?

And once again, I DID READ IT ALL. Most of it was a waste of time.

Keep in mind Randy Moss is one of my favorite players to this day. What's your excuse for me not agreeing with you now that you know I DID read your whole post and I AM a fan of Randy Moss? Let me know.
Moss is a one trick pony!
Originally posted by 49ertrue1:
I'm right & your all proving it. What can Rice do better than Moss? let me guess: class act, superbowl rings, team player. Those are so cliche, they have no substance. Tell me why, make an argument why, "in between the lines", on the field, Rice was better. It almost can't be done.

OK f*ck it, I will go ahead and tell you why Rice was better:

Better hands, better route-running, far better YAC ability, more clutch, better durability, far better work ethic, better blocker and he NEVER gave up on his team, not even Oakland.

Find one person who has an opinion worth a damn (yours obviously doesn't apply since you are just another idiot thinking they know more than the people who are actually involved in PROFESSIONAL FOOTBALL) that would pick Randy Moss over Jerry Rice.

Put up or shut up. Find it.
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Originally posted by 49ertrue1:
You guys are jokes. I am the hugest Rice fan still. & went to 4 Niner games last year at the stick!
Get some balls and read it all.
One of you said Moss is a lazy whatever. How can you be lazy and get 148 td's, only 6 shy than the great Rice after 12 seasons? it's impossible.

I feel sad for the average football fan, that just repeats what Sportscenter says.
As a WR-coach, who watches game film, Moss is just better. the fact that most of you down-play what Moss is doing and has done in the NFL, proves that he is threatening your view of Rice's status.
I wrote that college stuff to show you it's nothing new. Moss was better than Rice in college too.

Take some time & read the facts. Not listening or reading it all proves i'm right. You dont' even want to hear it. LIke my dad.He's teh same way.die hard glory day niner fan. Over the years of me making my dad watch Moss. He hates to say it, but he does now, "Moss is the most dangerous and uncoverable player ever." took like 6 years to convince him. It's not gonna take a few posts on this loser land forum.
As a fan, Moss is the closest thing to Rice we've ever seen. I don't get why you wouldn't want to watch him. People love watching Lebron james & Kobe, because they are similiar to Jordan. I dont' get it.

To me, Rice is like Dr. J. And Moss is Jordan. Dr. J started the high flying acrobatic dunks with artistry. Jordan, added speed and explosion and more hops to the game. That's what Moss has done to Rice. Moss is a bigger, faster Rice. And if you don't think so, your stuck in our dynasty years.
I didnt' even begin to talk about the team Rice played on vs Moss, don't get me started there. or the 9 diffrerent QB'S Moss has caught a TD pass from. Again, take awat s**tty oakland, Moss would have been ahead of Rice' numbers 5 years ago. but, he is STILL catching and passing some.

as far as being the worst post ever, i highly disagree, it was informative to all you close minded people. I still aven't heard an argument why Moss isn't as good or better.

This post epitomizes why your argument fails, you keep saying moss is the better receiver, that he is faster, bigger, stronger and has a better vertical. He also plays in a time where it is a lot easier for receivers to get catches.

But Moss only barely has comparable stats to rice now, what is gonna happen when he loses his superior athleticism? Moss "might" reach one of rices career records, but if he is the best receiver ever he should obliterate rices records not "maybe" reach one of them.

But really, Moss isn't even the best receiver playing today. And he's lucky he's big, or he might not even be in the NFL today.

When Rice was Moss' age, he was not only the best receiver he was still the best player in the NFL, bar none.

The comparison isn't even close.

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again, all u could say about moss was a diPs**t player, quits on team, etc. dude, that has nothing to do at all with whether he is a better wr than rice period. that's exactly why i wrote this, you have no reasons or answers that are valid.

you guys are all idiots!!!! i swear to god, you still say nothing. I have heard plenty of coaches and players say Moss is the best. Including, Chris Carter, one of the best ever. Carter Moss was already better than Rice ever was when he was a rookie.

One trick pony comment, i mean that's why i posted this. How can you get 100 catches having 1 trick? Then this other guy talks about stats, uhh, Moss is breaking Rices TD record. Look up Rice's stats on wikipedia, you'll notice all the big time stats, Moss is either right behind, tied or GOING to break. Rice was more of a possession receiver, that's why he's got more catches.

& for the guy that said, no one would pick Moss over Rice? are you kidding? You know what Moss does on offense? He's the biggest threat ever, he brought Welkers catches from 67 - 120+. Moss is the common denominator in the 2 highest scoring offenses ever, PERIOD. I know, no rings, but Marino is still better than 98% of qb's ever. If Moss ends up getting a ring (which as you know, he was very close to being the main part of the only undefeated team in the modern era, prolly woulda been the best team ever, not just the best regular season team ever, as they still are)

I don't see why it's so hard to put Moss up there with Jerry, other than, you don't like Moss & Rice is your hero. Other than that, there is no argument to why Rice is better. & some fool said andre johnson and marvin harrison are better. ROFL, harrison isn't even in the league! that's why i posted it, most of you just don't know Moss.

I would take Moss to start a franchise over Rice anyday! You weirdo's forget, Rice, joined a 2 time superbowl team!

GET OUT OF THE PAST, RICE IN REALITY, CAN'T HOLD MOSS'S JOCK ON THE THINGS HE CAN DO. it's like you only watch the 49ers and turn off the t.v. at 4pm.

MOss set the rookie TD/season record in college & then do it in the pro's at a younger age than Rice was. Fact is, we've never seen a player that good before. & if you think so, your mistaken.
If Moss had even half of Jerry's work ethic, he'd be the GOAT. Moss has more natural talent that any WR I've ever seen.
Rice Moss
Originally posted by 49ertrue1:

GET OUT OF THE PAST, RICE IN REALITY, CAN'T HOLD MOSS'S JOCK ON THE THINGS HE CAN DO. it's like you only watch the 49ers and turn off the t.v. at 4pm.

Considering the number of posts this clown has, I'm gonna write this off as a Moss fan joining the site and acting like he is a Niner fan. No self respecting Niner fan could say the quote above no matter how good they considered Moss.

BTW, you write like a 4th grader.

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I am the least homer Fan on this website....

IF i had to pick ONE WR in the history of the NFL to start on my team....

ITs Jerry....

plan and simple

in fact

IF i had to pick 2 ITs jerry and Chris carter

There is zero way I put Moss in the same sentence with Rice.
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