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Best/Worst uniforms

Just for fun, what's your guys's opinions on uniforms?
49er's home

Saint's home/away

Charger's home/powder blue alternates

Bill's home

Bengals home

Ravens home/black alternates

Falcons home

Raider's all white away unis
Seahawks neon green unis
Lions unis
Jets away unis
Vikings away unis
Falcons away unis

What do you guys think?
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this jersey is ugly as f*ck.
LOVE all these

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Worst uniforms

Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:
this jersey is ugly as f*ck.

What the hell is that!?
Originally posted by momoney925:

I forgot about the Eagles black alternates! The Panther away jersey's are also kind of cool
lol @ kyle orton with the m&m's

Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:

those are sexy.

but not as sexy as these
lest we forget...

seahawks unis are god awful......

notice how they match the nausiated smiley...
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the niners new road uni's are clean... and i liked our home from last year.
Originally posted by TheGoldStandard:
lest we forget...

Best unis ever.
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