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Darrell Green... fastest baby boomer alive?

Green celebrated his 50th birthday and claims to have ran a 4.43...

Quick update from the Birthday Boy:) I think today I became the fastest 50 year old in the world! @9AM today, I celebrated my 50th BDay.....

By running the 40 yard dash in Orlando, Florida in a time of 4.43! FYI, all born between 1946 -1964 are baby boomers...

I'm guessing that makes me the fastest baby boomer! I would say, thats really booming. Are you?


Insane. I wonder what Deion Sanders could still run. Deion could probably still run in the 4.4s too.
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the amazing thing is that he could probably play at a decent level still too
I believe'im. He could very well be the fastest 50 year old in the history of the world. Badass.

Fastest 40 in history, unofficially, at 4.08.

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I believe him too. He was darn fast.
His speed on madden should've been 100....
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