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Reggie Bush?

No they won't.
I'd take him in a second he would be the BEST compliment to Gore and he'd answer our return duties. People saying hes a bust are really not that smart without Bush the Saints don't have the top offense they do. People respect his speed SO MUCH they have to put a safety on him leaving those receivers in man coverage, not to mention the safeties can't keep up with him anyways ALL DEFENSES THAT PLAY THE SAINTS prepare for Reggie Bush and he scares the s**t out of them. When was the last time a 49er scared any defense? He's also averaging 5 yards a carry and has 6 td's in a limited role? Ya over rated my ass I'd take him in a heartbeat.
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He's be a good replacement for Westbrook with the Eagles, should he be retiring.

A McCoy/Bush backfield would be deadly with the rest of their weapons.

Not really a good fit for us, I'd take Spiller over Bush.
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No way they just cut or release him! at worse they would get something for him. Just incase they do, we can use him.
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