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Reggie Bush?

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I read something on ESPN that the Saints could be cutting Bush at the end of the year. They mentioned his return ability, and possibility of playing any skill position on offense. What do you think of the 49ers picking him up? I did not like him as a player coming out of college, however, his skill set could be very beneficial to the team I believe. He would give us speed in the backfield and receiving core with home run ability, something which is clearly lacking. Also he would settle any returner issues seeing how he is one of the shiftiest and fastest players in the league.
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Why would they do that?
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If Reggie Bush can come to terms with the pay scale he belongs in; he will have a fine career in New Orleans. If not, he will be a failure elsewhere
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Reggie Bush has a super large cap number next year, more than $8 million I believe. It's a big number, but also keep in mind, there's a very good chance there won't be any salary cap next season. And here's the question you have to ask: If the Saints do not want to carry that number, how much would Reggie Bush be worth to some team on the open market? And I would say, quite a bit. Maybe not $8 million, but certainly a hefty number in this day and age. Some offenses could make great use of him. Going to be an interesting situation, especially if the Saints go deep into the playoffs.
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It seems like the Bush Bowl was only yesterday.
he would be more useful than robinson on offense, but he deserves no where near top money
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Meh, we could do better... Bush is only so-so on special teams. There was talk of the Saints taking a runner in the first round of the draft this year, so this isn't a surprise at all. For such an amazing college running back, he sure has done nothing at the next level
i would take bush in a heartbeat if he were available, but that won't happen until he's 30

He isn't as good as a punt returner as you may believe. I thought I heard the announcer saying he averages 4 yards per punt return.

Reggie is a receiver coming out of the backfield. Thats all he is.

I've been a fan of his since his USC days but his game just doesn't translate into a Pro Bowl caliber NFL player. I don't think he's a bust but he isn't worth his contract.
i'll take him right away but for nowhere near the money hes making. dude will just add speed to our offense and another weapon. yeah he may not put up the numbers many thought he wouldve but still defenses have to keep an eye on him. guarantee sf and back to cali will be a top choice for him
If he switched to WR maybe
Id take that athlete anyday, if he just took a small paycut he'd be great.
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Only if he took a smaller contract and is exclusively used for PR and KR. Then I would take him on.
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