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***Official*** NFL Week 9 Thread

Originally posted by teeohh:
is Cutler overrated?

He's a bum
Originally posted by valrod33:
anybody know why Reggie Wayne has had 3 pass attempts.

yea i dunno... but he threw a pick lol. like... just stick to what you do indy, don't do gimmick plays. if i was in their fanbase i would be pissed
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C'mon Bucs, upset the Pack, Green Bay is one of our wild card competitors.
go bucs go! lol
WOW bucaneers huge upset
Josh Freeman is the man! Go bucs!! I picked the bucs this week to upset the packers man I made a good pick but game ain't over yet tho
Josh Freeman FTW!
If the bucs win I win 1000$
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Go Bucs!

(Now time to head to the Niner game thread. *Gulp.*)
Originally posted by mrbusinessman499:
If the bucs win I win 1000$

i'll root for them for you
Still a whole lot of time left in this one though. Plus GB still has all 3 TO I think.
Goo goo goo bucs u sons of b***h es yes I smell the money lol
Carolina is winning.
Originally posted by jrg:

Can't wait to beat the f**k out of these guys on Thursday.